Sep 08, 2022

I want to share with you the 3 things that helped me create my HOUSE OF JOY, as I'm now calling it.


(We just watched House of Gucci and it was NOT a house of joy whatsoever, so money has nothing to do with it, I promise.)


1) I don't complain.


I just don't. Not about life, not about my marriage, not about my business. Not about the kids. Not about the mess. Not about myself.


It's not that there's never anything to complain about, but I know the power of my thoughts and my words. They turn into reality. They become things. They build walls or they build bridges. They build a life of connection I truly love or they build resentment and bitterness and isolation.


So, I choose my thoughts and words intentionally and with great care.


I ask myself what the highest version of me would think and say. 


Your experience of your life or your kids or your marriage can never be better than the way you think and speak about it.


So, are you complaining, always finding fault, living in resentment, living with unmet expectations?


OR, are you thinking thoughts that have you showing up as your most loving, powerful, adventurous and joyful self?


2) I DECIDE to be delighted by the simplest things.


I have trained myself to notice every tiny miracle around me---the way my daughter's friend tells everybody she loves them, the way Stevie laughs when he's pulling Tom on the tube, the HILARIOUS way Elea texts me, the way a hard workout makes me feel, the look on my client's face when she has one of those light bulb moments.  


I'm ready to be delighted, to be in awe of my life and my marriage and my kids everyday. I look for ways to laugh and have more fun.


And by doing this, I make everything around me better, more joyful. I see the goodness of God everywhere and I shine His light in the darkest of places. I choose to see people at their best, as they could be, including myself and my spouse.


What if everything you could ever ask for is already right in front of you? Will you train your mind to notice?


3) I decide to show up as my most loving, powerful, nurturing self.


I do this by thinking thoughts ON PURPOSE that I WANT to be true about me. Thoughts like:


Nurturing people is my superpower.

I bring sunshine wherever I go.

Everywhere I look I see miracles.

My zest for life and love is contagious.

I create amazing, fulfilling relationships and my marriage and family is at the top of that list.

I'm here for ALL OF LIFE, in all of its glory and ALL of its heartache.


That is the intention that I set for myself, for my marriage, for my life, and the magic is----that's how I end up experiencing my life.


It doesn't mean life isn't hard. It means I know it's going to be hard, so I'm making myself ready and more resilient. I'm showing up as a warrior and not a victim. I'm taking charge of the parts I can and making a beautiful story out of it all, despite the tragedies that life inevitably brings.


Creating a house of joy is my life's work--it's what I can control in a world that has lost its mind. It's how I fight against the cynicism and the darkness all around me. It's my anthem of hope and love. It's how I bring heaven down.


Create your house of joy and start with believing you can. Drop the story that it's too late or that you don't have what it takes. Let go of the shame that's keeping you stuck, stop complaining, and decide to be delighted in the simplest ways. 


You are a healing balm to your family. You are a nurturer and a life giver.


Your house of joy is exactly what this world needs.