Sep 02, 2022

When you think and believe that you are a hot mess and unorganized and overwhelmed——>your brain will make sure you prove yourself right. You will FEEL the results of that thought in your own body (it will feel like shame) and then you'll avoid yourself (and your life and your home) and the cycle will perpetuate.


And when you take that thought captive and DECIDE to think and believe that you are creator of the most incredible experiences and the most nourishing environments. That YOUR POWERFUL, NURTURING and LOVING presenceis a gift that transforms you and every space you enter.


You will feel hope rise in your chest. You will feel yourself come alive. You will then start creating with PURPOSE.You will become the creator of the the most nourishing life and your external environments will show evidence of what is happening in your mind.


You create it in your mind FIRST, by thinking thoughts that help you find your fire.


The bottom line is YOU ARE CREATING YOUR LIFE everyday. The question is, do you like what you're creating? Does it nourish you? Does it reflect back to you who you want to become?


This month in LIFE MENTORING SCHOOL, we are diving deep into what it means to bring our powerful, nurturing presence to our lives everyday, what it means to elevate our internal and external environments by deciding on purpose what we want to create.


Your warmth and creative energy and nurturing presence is a healing balm to all who live in your light. What if you really believed that? 


It means EVERYTHING when you allow that God given presence to transform everything and every space around you---starting with YOU.