Aug 11, 2022

We get stuck in negative patterns with time and money that seem impossible to get out of.

We all have habits and habitual emotional states that we have trained our bodies to be in. Some of those have been hardwired in us since we were young and may be there due to past traumas. They become so much a part of us that we think they are just who we are. We even say to ourselves, I’m just an anxious person.

The truth is, how we think/feel/act repeatedly does become our personality but we are not stuck with that, if we have conditioned ourselves into patterns that don’t serve us. Joe Dispenza has studied the brain science of change extensively and says that thoughts are the language of our brain and emotions are the language of our body.

Our bodies don’t lie and they are constantly trying to get our attention, but we are often not even aware of this and so we ignore the messages our body is sending.

Your body is incredible at translating your brain’s language to your body’s language. So if you keep thinking the same thoughts, your body will keep making the same chemical soup for you to live in—so much so that it will feel like who you are.

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