163. Why You Should Learn to Knit & What It Means to Truly Rest

Season #3

It is January people!! When you think of this time of the year, what usually comes to mind?

For a lot of people, I think this month and time of year can feel like a drag, like you just have to get through it. It can just feel cold and dreary, because truthfully, IT IS!!

We dare you to start thinking about it differently! Instead of feeling cooped up and ready to get out of the house, Edie describes how she views this time of year as a time for reflection, and getting to look inward! In this episode, Edie and her daughter describe what it really means to be in your REST era!

If you are a person who struggles to prioritize rest, OR feel like you get a little too much rest, this episode is for you!! We want to redefine what true rest is and how restorative it can be in your life.

True joy comes from true rest in Christ!!

In today's episode of House of Joy, Dr. Edie and her daughter discuss:

02:13- Toxic overachieving vs. toxic “rest”- where this stems from, how Emme and Edie are different

04:00-The effect of stress on our bodies, Edies struggle to really rest

07:13- We are made to work, working from a place of rest in Christ 09:16- Edies definition of rest

13:20- Rest is not the abscess of work 15:30- The 90 day cycles, The deep & inward work

19:00- The balance of hard work and true restorative rest

21:40- The struggle of true focus in the age of social media

26:00- 5 practical ways to integrate intention rest into your days

37:00- Edie and Emme’s favorite things of the week Episode Resources:

Episode Resources:

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