164. Your Powerful Mind: 3 Ways to Transform Your Life by Renewing Your Mind

Season #3

The question is, are you using this incredible God given resource to its fullest potential?

How do you know? Are you creating a life you love and are you doing it on purpose with the power of your mind?

In this solo episode, Edie explores three transformative ways your mind can shape your reality, break barriers caused by your limiting beliefs and become an ally to the life you want.

Your mind is powerful, not only in its capacity to learn, but in the ability to imagine, create, and transform your reality. Recognize how powerful it is and USE THAT POWER for good, use it to create something amazing this year.

Episode Resources:

The Upside of Stress by Kelly Mcgonigal : https://a.co/d/0Flv7Gp

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