169. Unlocking Emotional Freedom, Part 1. Emotional Avoidance & The High Cost of Ignoring Your Life

Season #3

Emotions color our lives with depth and richness.

They drive our actions, they contain wisdom and lessons, they provide contrast, and are THE WAY we experience our lives.

Yet, for many women over 40, we've been conditioned to believe they are something to be avoided at all cost. We've been told to ignore them, rise above them, numb them, resist them, hide them, medicate them, anything to not feel them.

We've been told they don't matter and nothing could be farther from the truth.

Our emotions carry a reservoir of wisdom and resilience forged through the crucible of lived experience. And to ignore them is to ignore our deepest wisdom, our greatest ally.

In embracing our emotions, we reclaim connection, authenticity, resilience and power—the power to live as our true selves, to love fiercely, and thrive in our callings.

The key to unlocking emotional freedom is to welcome all of our emotions and with all the courage and vulnerability it requires.

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