171. Unlocking Emotional Freedom, Part 2: The Powerful Gift of Negative Emotions & What They Do For Us

Season #3

We are often taught that some emotions are bad and some are more virtuous, but the truth is, all emotions are a gift from God, each carrying its own sacred purpose.

Negative emotions—such as fear, sadness, anger, and grief—are not adversaries to be vanquished but rather sacred messengers, guiding us toward growth and healing.

All of our emotions are a good gift from God.

They are part of what it means to be human, designed to help us connect with ourselves, God and others. Instead of fearing or avoiding our emotions, we can invite God into them, allowing Him to work through them and transform us in the process.

Join us this month in LIFE MENTORING SCHOOL as we explore how to implement all of this on a daily basis so you can unlock FREEDOM and JOY in your life.



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