BONUS: The Art Of Living Well

Season #3

Your body can turn on its stress response by thought alone.

You don't have to BE in a stressful situation for those hormones to do their damage. You can be sitting at your kitchen table perfectly safe, thinking stressful thoughts and your body doesn't know the difference between that and what is happening at the moment.

It will start pumping out the hormones of stress ANYTIME you're worrying and overthinking and feeling overwhelmed.

So, you're sitting in your kitchen thinking about your 20 something son and everything that's going wrong right now in his life. You're ruminating over your last conversation with him and worrying about his job and his drinking and his new friends.  

You wonder if you were too hard on him. You try to call him and he doesn't answer. You text. You text again. You wake up the next morning feeling anxious, then you remember that he never texted you back. 

What has often happened is that your body has become addicted to this stress cycle and today, you think your son is the reason, but tomorrow it might be your bank balance or a fight with your spouse or you job.

When you condition your brain and body to stress, it gets REALLY good at making stress a habit. So much so that you're not even conscious you're doing it to yourself.

And it's NOT to say that life isn't really hard sometimes or that  you shouldn't be concerned about your son or your bank account or your spouse, the question is: Are you helping the situation by making yourself literally sick with stress hormones?

And most of us women over 40 have become addicted to these hormones, that this just feels normal to us.

But it's not normal and our bodies were not built to handle the chronic level of stress hormones that our bodies are making everyday. 

It's making us irritable and exhausted and sick. We've lost our joy, we're lost our favorite version of ourselves.

If this feels all too familiar, you do not want to miss our BRAND NEW 3 day workshop on THE ART OF LIVING WELL: BREAK FREE FROM STRESS & OVERWHELM. MASTER YOUR EMOTIONS. CREATE YOUR EXTRAORDINARY LIFE.

We will dive deep into the science of stress and your response to it, how stress morphs into chronic anxiety and simple and practical solutions for how to overcome it. 

You'll learn how to rewire your brain to be way more resilient so that ultimately you can experience more joy, energy, and vitality!

This is all brand new material and may be our most important workshop to date! For the price of a Starbucks, your experience of your life could change drastically! 




Stress and overwhelm can drain you of so much of your life energy. It's time to stop the cycle and start living your most intentional and purposeful life.

You are extraordinary, don't let stress rob you of any more time! ✨


All my love,

Dr. Edie 

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P.S. Here’s what past attendees have said about our workshops


💖 “To say this $7 investment is a game-changer would be an understatement. It is, in fact, perhaps the most pivotal decision I’ve ever made for myself and my family!” - Carollyn  

💖 “So excited for this again!” - Gina

💖 “Thank you so much, Dr. Edie, for "giving me permission" to dream, on purpose, with purpose.” - Anna