BONUS: How Coaching Can Change Your Life

Season #3

Our doors are open! Welcome home!

LIFE MENTORING SCHOOL was created with exactly YOU in mind.
And we are so excited to welcome you in.
We are here to guide you through every step of you finding your FIRE and becoming your highest, most loving self so that the your unique gifts can be unleashed on the world.
We know how the world changes when passionate women wake up to their lives, to their highest callings, to their deepest desires and we are here to call forth the BEST in you.
And trust me, we have thought of EVERYTHING.
This monthly mentorship is designed as a 12 month program that we tackle in 90 day cycles. Because we've learned that when you follow our process and use our tools, what once took a year now can be done in 90 days. Or 30 days. Or less. Right now when you join with our yearly offer you get $500 OFF of LMS AND this amazing 90 day dream planner for free!

A library of training videos and materials (you get full access as soon as you sign up!)
Weekly live group coaching: get coached by me or watch your peers get coached (which is equally as powerful!) these calls will inspire you, empower you, and give you so many breakthroughs!
Encounter groups: our members are always raving about these intimate sessions and telling us they’re worth the cost of the entire membership! 
There are 10 different times available each week and they are facilitated by our incredible certified coaches whom you will adore. Your group will feel like your family!
Exclusive Dream Planner: Our quarterly Dream Planners are a hot item in this community! They accompany the program materials and with consistent use, they will make your results inevitable! 
Bonus courses & workshops: Get INSTANT ACCESS to other courses I’ve created on time management, money, our planner course, building your side hustle, weight loss, and so much more, plus access to all FUTURE paid workshops
90-DAY START GUIDE: We are committed to helping our clients get the results they came for. In the start guide, we walk you through every step of setting your first 90-day goal and reaching it!
We’ve thought of EVERYTHING to help you feel fully supported and get the BIGGEST RESULTS out of this membership.
THAT and so much more is what await you and WAY SOONER than you think.
We're not messing around and when you join us, you join most loving, FUN, and transformative community on the internet.
We make change inevitable. We make creating your dream life an everyday reality.

You are pure magic. And our job is to keep reminding you.
We couldn't be more excited to welcome you in.

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