186. The Impact of Life Coaching Certification: Exclusive Interviews with Life Mentoring School Coaches

Season #3

Learn about the impact of life coaching certification from exclusive interviews with life mentoring school coaches. Find out how life coaching can transform lives and careers!

If you'd like to know more about the life changing power of becoming a certified Christian life coach, join me for this powerful training on April 12th, 2024!

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Learn how coaching through a Christian lens combined with the most potent tools from modern psychology leads to profound personal change and equips the coach with dynamic, holistic tools that will help undo generations of negative thought & emotion patterns and help your clients finally live their deepest purpose and potential.

Thank you to our coaches for being on the podcast!! You can find them here on instagram:




Carry Irvin 

April 12th 12pm Eastern. This is a MUST ATTEND class!


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